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Revise Payroll Estimate

You provided a payroll estimate at the beginning of the year so we could calculate your premiums. The payroll estimate should always be an accurate reflection of what you will be paying to your workers in the year. Please make sure that this estimate is always current. You will be charged a penalty if you underestimate your payroll by more than 50%. You can revise your payroll estimate online at any time throughout the year using this form.

There are two ways to revise your payroll estimate online. They are:

  1. Fast File Revise Payroll Estimate - This service allows you to revise your payroll estimates online without any special registration. Anyone who has the access code and firm number found on the form we sent to you can send the payroll estimate using Fast File. Fast File your payroll estimate now or learn more.
  2. Online Services Account - Employers who have set up an online account can revise their payroll estimate through this account. Log in now.

If you don't have an Online Services Account but are interested in setting one up, register today.

Your payroll estimate can also be mailed or faxed back to our office.