Batch Invoice Info for Vendors

Batch Invoice Information for Software Vendors

Save time and give your users the ability to upload invoices online.

Eliminate duplicate entry and upload invoices from your system to the WCB website. Here is the document with instructions on how to update your software: Everything a vendor needs to know.

Here are the files needed for updating your system to be compatible with the medical invoice batch submission process:  

  1.  eBillBatchInvoice.xsd
  2.  eBillBatchInvoiceReturn.xsd
  3.  Batch Submission - Error Codes.xlsx

If you have any questions with the batch submission process or are ready to test your system with us, please contact the webmaster.

These vendors are already compatible to upload invoices with the batch submission process:

Accuro/QHR Technologies CBS Navicert Software
Accuro CBS Navicert Software