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Workers' compensation protects both employers and workers from the results of workplace injuries. Employers are protected against lawsuits and injured workers receive benefits. All employers operating in industries covered under Saskatchewan's legislation, who hire workers on a regular, casual or contractual basis, must register and create an account with us. It is against the law to avoid registering with us.

With a WCB Online Account, you can:


Report a workplace injury by completing an Employer's Report of Injury (E1) form

  • If an injury occurs, you must report it to the WCB within five days of learning about the injury. This can be done easily with a WCB Online Account.


File your Employer's Payroll Statement (EPS)

  • You are expected to keep correct payroll estimates. If you hire more workers or they work longer/more than expected, you must update your payroll estimate. This can be done any time with a WCB Online Account.
  • You must submit your completed EPS by February 28 of each year to avoid late filing penalties.


Request a Letter of Good Standing

  • A letter of good standing can easily be requested with a WCB Online Account and it is valid on the day it is requested. It can be requested before any work begins.
  • This is used when work has not begun. A letter of good standing will confirm the account status of the contractor.


Pay your bill (premiums)

  • You must pay premiums as requested. Generally, this is within 30 days of the statement of account being issued and on April 1 and September 1. Interest will apply on late payments.


Request a clearance

  • Before paying any contractors, be sure to get a clearance. Easily request this with a WCB Online Account. The amount payable is required to request a clearance. For more information on clearances, go here.