. Injured Workers

A work injury is the result of any work-related event that causes a need for medical treatment and/or time away from work. We consider each work injury on an individual basis, but in most cases compensation would apply to injuries that occur while a worker is at work, on company premises or on company business. This includes an occupational disease caused by work.

Take these following steps:

  • 1

    Get medical attention if you need it. Have your health care provider report to the WCB.

  • 2

    Report the incident to your employer immediately.

  • 3

    Report your injury to the WCB by completing the Worker’s Report of Injury (W1) form. Create a WCB Online Account to quickly complete the W1 form.

What happens next?

Participate with your employer, caregiver and the WCB in setting up a personalized return-to-work plan. The plan usually includes treatment, employment services and suitable work duties.

Claim is reviewed

Establish recovery schedule to get you back to work

Medical treatment and return-to-work activities are simultaneous

Treatments and plans are continuously monitored

Stay in contact with your employer

What if I disagree with a decision?

If you or your dependants disagree with a decision we make regarding your injury claim, you have several review and appeal options available. You can submit an appeal and view your appeal status by logging into your WCB Online Account and clicking on ‘Appeals.’

How do I check the status of my claim?

1. Login to your WCB Online Account
2. Click 'View My Claim Information'


How do I change my personal information?

1. Login to your WCB Online Account
2. Click 'Update Personal Information'