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. Health Care Providers

The WCB supports the functional rehabilitation model, which uses the restoration of function as the first measure of treatment success. The model encourages care providers and injured workers to recognize that successful long-term recovery is associated with return to function, including early return to suitable work.

Health care providers treat injured workers and includes such disciplines as chiropractors, physiotherapists, and physicians.

With a WCB Care Provider Online Account, all health care providers can:


Submit medical invoices

  • Submit a single invoice for each worker you examine or treat. You can include multiple treatments for the same worker on one invoice.
  • Review previously submitted invoices over the past year.
  • Use Batch Invoicing to upload a file to submit for multiple invoices at once.


View payments made to you

  • View payments made to you on or after February 3, 2012.


Search for a worker's claim number if it has been assigned by the WCB

  • Locate a worker's claim number, which will auto-populate for physiotherapists and chiropractors in their reporting forms.


For secondary/tertiary treatment teams or assessment centres, you will be able to view client information.


If you are a physician, physiotherapist or chiropractor, you can also:

Conduct online reporting

  • An Initial Injury Report.
  • Progress/Discharge Reports.
  • Return-to-Work Report to explain restrictions to help plan a safe return to work.


Clinics have health care providers that work under them.

With a WCB Clinic Online Account, all clinics can:

View payments

  • View payments made to care providers at your clinic on or after February 3, 2012.