WCB Online Account

Help on registering for a WCB Online Account.

Browser requirements
The WCB website supports both Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla Firefox browsers. You will require IE 11 or Firefox's current or previous version to access the WCB's electronic business transactions . Other browsers may work, but we do not offer support for these products at this time.

Note: If you use the Edge browser, PDF documents might not open correctly. Please use IE 11 or Firefox instead.

Please ensure that your javascript and cookies options are enabled and that your web browser supports 128 bit encryption to conduct secure transactions with the WCB. As some of our applications will launch a new browser window, please enable pop-ups on your browser to accept pop-ups from wcbsask.com. By clicking on the company links below, you will be directed to their website to obtain any upgrades you feel are necessary:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Setting your screen resolution
Optimal resolution is relative to the size of your monitor. To adjust your screen resolution:
  • For PC users, click on Start and then click Control Panel. Select Display and click on Adjust Resolution.
  • For Macintosh users, go to the Apple menu, select "Control Panels" and click on "Displays".
WCB Online Services uses several security methods to ensure confidentiality such as encryption, firewalls and timed sign outs.

As a user of these services, you should:
  • Never share your WCB Online Services password with anyone.
  • Do not enable the "memorize password function" or "auto-complete."
  • If you leave your computer, ensure you sign out and close your browser window.




Technical Problems? Email the Webmaster if you require help accessing your WCB Online Account.

The information contained in this website is only intended to provide an outline of workers' compensation benefits and procedures. For specific questions about the WCB or its website, please consult our directory of contacts.